Emergency Care for a Loose Dental Bridge

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Following the placement of a dental bridge for a missing tooth, it’s important to provide proper care to keep the dental restoration in good shape. If a dental bridge becomes loose, it should require prompt care in order to prevent further damage to bridge and tooth.

We attach the dental bridge to natural teeth turned into abutments for a very strong bond that can last for years. If you have poor oral hygiene or suffer oral trauma, though, the dental bridge can become loose.

Contact our office right away in the event of a loose dental bridge so that you can receive treatment at Nuttall Smiles. Prior to seeing the dentist, you can take steps to minimize damage to the bridge and tooth. For example, oral trauma can result in blood or debris, which you can rinse away with lukewarm salt water to clean your smile. However, our trained dental team should handle any further cleaning so that the tooth doesn’t suffer further damage.

Don’t wiggle or prod the loose dental bridge, as this could hurt the abutments. As long as the abutments are in good shape and only the dental adhesive has been weakened, our dentist can simply re-cement the restoration in place. Damage to the abutment may require root canal treatment or another advanced treatment to preserve the tooth.

Contact our office at 253-939-0700 today for an appointment with Dr. Kent Nuttall or Dr. Jared Roberts if you would like to learn more about dental bridge care in Auburn, Washington.