Fluoride: Can You Have Too Much?

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Fluoride is a mineral found throughout nature. It has been proven to remineralize the enamel on your teeth, and can also neutralize the acids that lead to tooth decay. Fluoride can also strengthen the enamel on children’s teeth before they erupt.

How much fluoride is enough? Before their teeth are erupt, children can absorb fluoride through a healthy diet. Adults and older children benefit from fluoride and for the most part, they get the fluoride they need through using a toothpaste containing fluoride and drinking fluoridated water.

Fluorosis is a condition in which children receive too much fluoride. When their teeth erupt, they may have white or brown spots. This is a cosmetic issue and may not pose any health hazards. It can easily be corrected. If you have questions about how much fluoride you or your child should have, talk to our dentist, Dr. Kent Nuttall, during your next visit. Our dentist may be the best person to evaluate your fluoride intake. If necessary, he may recommend an in-office fluoride treatment, or other fluoride supplement.

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