Fun Facts About Fluoride

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Are fluoride treatments safe for you? Fluoride is a regularly-discussed topic in dentistry and there are many differing options as to the total effect that fluoride can have on your health. In large doses, fluoride can be lethal, especially in infants. However, fluoride in small doses has been shown to be safe and tremendously effective at protecting your teeth.

Fluoride can be found in an assortment of products. It has been put into the public water supply, many types of toothpaste, various forms of dental mouth cleansers and mouthwash products, as well as in supplement form. You can also go see your dentist for a professional fluoride treatment to help keep your teeth strong and clean.

If you want to take fluoride in supplement form, be careful not to take too much, as high levels of fluoride can be toxic. Thus, never give fluoride to children unless instructed to or administered by your dentist. If you do wish to take a fluoride supplement for yourself, it can be found and purchased in pill, drop, lozenge, or tablet form.

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