Is Your Wisdom Tooth Impacted?

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Our experienced dentist, Dr. Kent Nuttall offers wisdom teeth removal for our patients in Auburn, Washington. You see, these wisdom teeth–being the last four teeth to erupt out of your 32 permanent teeth–often have difficulty coming in simply because there isn’t enough room to let them in.

When this happens, it is called impaction. Wisdom teeth which are impacted can show signs and other times they don’t. An impacted tooth can manifest in the following manner:

  • Swelling in the jaw or an aching jaw
  • Bad breath
  • An unpleasant taste in the mouth when you eat
  • Gums that are bleeding and swollen
  • Headache

If you are experiencing the above symptoms, you will want to have your dentist perform an examination to determine treatment. If you leave an impacted tooth untreated, you may end up with tooth decay, gum disease, or having issues with your other teeth. Now, if you have an impacted tooth that isn’t displaying symptoms, this is where your routine dental visits pay off. Dental X-rays taken during your dental checkups can spot an impacted wisdom tooth that isn’t showing symptoms yet.

If your dentist determines that you have a tooth that is stuck in the bone, he will make an incision into your gums to remove the tooth (or teeth) in sections. This is done to minimize the amount of bone material removed.

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