Night Guard Treatments for Bruxism

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Have you ever been diagnosed with bruxism, or do you feel that you are damaging your teeth while you sleep? Bruxism is an oral health condition that arises due to grinding your teeth unconsciously. Sleep bruxism, which occurs while you sleep, is often the most common form. Although bruxism is treatable, you can go many years without ever knowing your suffering from the ailment.

It is important to always take note of any indications within your mouth that bruxism may be occurring. After you wake up, take notice of any form of irregular pain or sensations you may be feeling that are out of the ordinary. This includes tooth sensitivity, headaches, ear aches, issues and difficulties opening and closing your mouth, and jaw and face pain. If you suffer from any of these issues, bruxism or a bruxism related condition such as a TMJ disorder could be to blame.

Visual clues are often present with your mouth when bruxism is occurring. If your teeth appear worn down or flat, or appear to have received it in length, you may be grinding your teeth. If your tooth enamel is worn, if you have chips or cracks that have no reasonable explanation, or if you have tissue damage on the inner lining of your mouth, bruxism may be the cause. In addition, strange indentations and markings on your tongue can sometimes be present.

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