Oral Health Essentials: Teething

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When teeth erupt above the gum line, it results in a painful process called teething. When teeth are erupting in a child’s mouth, teething can often be discomforting and painful. It is important to know the signs of teething and treat your child accordingly.

Although teething is common, it should be treated as soon as it is discovered. Usually, look for additional teeth in your child’s mouth, as well as changes in your child’s demeanor. If your child is abnormally drooling or sleeping at odd hours, they may be teething. Other signs include changes in fussiness and appetite. If your child appears to be suffering from a rash or fever, consult their pediatrician at our office.

Never use your finger to rub a child’s gums unless you are sure it is sanitized. A dirty finger can contaminate a child’s mouth and put them at a greater risk for various oral ailments. Other treatment systems for teething include placing products on their gums such as gauze pads, cold spoons, and teething rings. Never use teething tablets for children under two, unless directly administered or recommended by their pediatrician.

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