Dental care for a long life of smiles
Dental care for a long life of smiles

We’ve worked hard to ensure that you and our team are safe …

  • You have already seen some changes on your arrival as we take steps to create SOCIAL DISTANCING.
  • Visitors are not allowed in the clinic at this time.
  • We are SCREENING every patient before they arrive.
  • We ask all entering the office to SANITIZE their hands.
  • We have and will ALWAYS use masks, fresh gloves, and clean glasses.
  • We have two LARGE medical grade HEPA filters running.
  • We have additional personal protection equipment (PPE).
  • We’ve removed all non-essential items from each operatory for GREATER sterilization access.
  • We now have an ANTI-VIRAL pre-procedural rinse, recommended by the CDC, which will be provided.
  • We also take our own temperatures daily, as a PRECAUTION, in addition to taking yours.
  • We will be using high-vacuum suction devices to REDUCE aerosols.
  • Our disinfectant KILLS the virus in 30 seconds.
  • We are CONSTANTLY wiping down any high-touch surface — doorknobs, countertops, light switches, pens, drawer pulls, etc.
  • Every instrument goes through a detailed STERILIZATION process.
  • EVERY week, we run a spore test on our sterilizer, testing for the ability to kill the toughest
  • Please know we have always STRICTLY followed state health guidelines — but this is a new virus requiring new safety measures, and we are incorporating heightened sterilization protocols in response to this threat.
  • We are COMMITTED to doing everything we can to create a sterile environment to protect you, and us, from airborne viruses.


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