There Are Varying Levels of Sedation Available for Oral Care Procedures

The human mouth is a complex system of teeth and other oral structures responsible for helping your process the foods you consume, while also playing a critical role in breathing, speaking and your basic sense of taste. When any part of your mouth is compromised by tooth decay, gum disease,... Read more »

Fluoride: Can You Have Too Much?

Fluoride is a mineral found throughout nature. It has been proven to remineralize the enamel on your teeth, and can also neutralize the acids that lead to tooth decay. Fluoride can also strengthen the enamel on children’s teeth before they erupt. How much fluoride is enough? Before their teeth are... Read more »

Could Your Headache Have a Dental Connection?

Do you have a headache every day? For those of you with a persistent, chronic pounding in your temples that just won’t go away, there may be a connection that you haven’t thought of. Headaches are a common problem. Everybody gets them, and they can be caused by a plethora... Read more »

Oral Health Issues: Jaw and Facial Pain

If you are suffering from facial pain, it could be the sign of a deeper underlying condition. Normally chronic jaw and facial pain can include swelling, tenderness, or headaches that may be associated with other issues. If you are suffering from jaw or facial pain, it is important to understand... Read more »

Emergency Care for a Loose Dental Bridge

Following the placement of a dental bridge for a missing tooth, it’s important to provide proper care to keep the dental restoration in good shape. If a dental bridge becomes loose, it should require prompt care in order to prevent further damage to bridge and tooth. We attach the dental... Read more »

Watch Out for These Side Effects of Over-the-Counter Whitening Treatments

Over-the-counter whitening can be beneficial, especially because it can whiten the teeth one or more shades. However, there are also side effects that come along with the treatments, and our dentists, Drs. Roberts and Nuttall, would like to tell you all about them so you know exactly what to expect... Read more »

What Is Causing My Gums to Bleed?

Bleeding gums are a concerning symptom that is ignored by most patients who consider it harmless. However, the truth is that bloody gums may be a warning that you have a problem with your oral health. If you have gums that bleed, we encourage you to seek treatment today to... Read more »

Digestive Acid and Dental Health

What is GERD? It is chronic acid indigestion and acid reflux—which can have damaging effects on your dental health. If you taste acid backflow or have heartburn more than 2x per week, you may have gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD—and it can dissolve your tooth enamel. GERD becomes an issue... Read more »

Dental Sealants Help with Cavity Prevention

Tooth decay is often the result of poor oral hygiene or trapped bacterial deposits on the contours of your teeth. While it often starts out small, cavities can eventually grow to cause significant dental health problems. Having a dental checkup performed every six months from a dentist like Dr. Kent... Read more »

Does My Insurance Cover Dental Sealants?

Oral sealants can do wonders for guarding your molars from cavities. Many people get dental sealants and enjoy them, and yet many others do not. One of the reasons that many people don’t think about getting oral sealants is because they under the impression that their insurance won’t cover them.... Read more »