The Dangers and Risks of Tooth Hazards

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Tooth hazards can arise at any point in time in your life. Even some of the most enjoyable foods and drinks that you are consuming, or habits that you’re taking in, could be doing severe damage to your body, particularly your oral health. Thus, it is important to always make sure to practice effective tooth hazard prevention before any accidents arise. In addition, by planning ahead, you can make sure your smile has the best chance of success, and if an ailment should occur, the best chance of recovery.

Exercise caution with any products that you may find yourself often chewing on. This includes chewing on pens, pen caps, and pencils. In addition, if you regularly chew your nails, you should stop these habits immediately. By chewing on products that are not meant to be chewed on, it can greatly increase your risk of chipping and cracking your teeth.

Exercise caution when drinking wine. Even though red wine is known to stain teeth, white wine can leave your teeth porous and vulnerable to tooth staining as well. In addition, wines are often heavily acidic and can lead to enamel erosion. Furthermore, avoid unhealthy habits such as smoking tobacco, as it can also severely stain your teeth. Continual use of smoking can even drastically increase your risk of tooth loss and cancer.

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