What Is Causing My Gums to Bleed?

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Bleeding gums are a concerning symptom that is ignored by most patients who consider it harmless. However, the truth is that bloody gums may be a warning that you have a problem with your oral health. If you have gums that bleed, we encourage you to seek treatment today to identify the underlying cause and possible solutions. We are happy to explain the different causes of bleeding gums to help you better understand your oral health.

One of the first things to look into when gums are bleeding is the possible presence of gum disease, which is a serious periodontal infection that causes irritated gum tissue to bleed. Symptoms of gum disease include bloody, swollen, and red gums, as well as gum recession and bad breath. We invite you to contact Nuttall Smiles if you need to receive treatment for gum disease symptoms.

A poor oral hygiene routine can also result in bleeding gums. Inconsistent flossing can cause complacent gum tissue to bleed because it’s not accustomed to the habit. Improving your flossing habit should help the bleeding stop after about a week as the gums become used to receiving the floss string.

If you have developed pregnancy gingivitis, you may have bleeding gums. Hormones and body changes during pregnancy can cause the gums to be tender, red, and swollen, which are signs of gingivitis–the initial stage of gum disease. Speak with our dentists to discuss treatment options so that your condition doesn’t reach a more serious stage.

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